Cheese Cave

TOCA's temperature-controlled, glass-walled Cheese Cave houses 35 perfectly aged, local and international cheeses, including the Laankaster, voted the World's Best Cheese.

Cheese of the Month


Avonlea Cheddar is aged for 14 months in carefully monitored temperature and humidity conditions. The aroma and flavour is uniquely Prince Edward Island. Reminiscent of fresh potatoes, with a grassy sweetness and tangy finish, it is firm in texture and has rich, full-bodied flavour.


Take a Tour


Join us for an exclusive tour, daily at 5:30pm, of our one-of-a-kind Cheese Cave and discover the story behind some of our award-winning cheeses.

The first thing I look for when I’m selecting a cheese for TOCA is of course the taste, after that I look for the story, every cheese has to have a unique quality or story to tell, that’s what excites me the most and I love to share that with my guests.

- Chef Jitin Gaba, TOCA


 Cheese Cave Reservations: Call (416) 572-8008